Plays by Natasha Adiyana Morris


Toronto, your city is making MAJOR moves in the DRAMA department. The Raptors aren’t the only bandwagon you need to jump on. Get yo’ life with the rise in contemporary Canadian narratives, layered with untapped imagination and social justice commentary.

// NOVEMBER 27th // 

Up next is the homegrown, award-winning, new-kid-on-the-block play: The Negroes Are Congregating written and directed by Natasha Adiyana Morris. The show has been performed this year at the Black Theatre Network Conference in Memphis, TN; the SummerWorks Performance Festival in Toronto, ON, where it won the ‘New Performance Text’ award; the Halifax Fringe in Nova Scotia; and most recently, the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival.

With all the travel and success, there’s still be work to be done. The Negroes Are Congregating is slated to be world premiered in Fall 2019. This is your LAST CHANCE to see the work in Tdot before it touches road.

Starring: Angaer Arop, David Delisca, and Dennis Langley.

// NOVEMBER 28th //

PIECE OF MINE founder, Natasha Adiyana Morris, invites two guest producers, Natasha Powell and Troy Crossfield to share their journey from working freelance to building a company, and the bumps along the way. From Page to Stage will touch on topics including: touring, to tips on how to sell shows, and what funding opportunities are available when you’re starting out. The 3 speakers will have 45 minutes each to share their bite-size nuggets of insight. To close, attendees will have a chance to dig deeper with a 30-minute Q&A.

The talk will most benefit emerging producers or artists in the early stages of starting a performing arts company or collective


Join Dr. Bitter’s studio audience for another taping of ‘The ‘R’ Word,’ a live talk show that tackles viewer relationships questions. During commercial breaks witness a range of all too familiar experiences delivered through spoken word, musicality, and rhythm. Have a question that you need answered? Leave it to the Doctor.

half n’  half a one-woman play written and performed by Natasha Adiyana Morris
Directed by Amanda Nicholls

*half off special* – Thursday performance only – use CODE: BITTERSWEET*

VENUE FOR ALL EVENTS: Palmerston Library Theatre (560 Palmerston Ave, Toronto, steps from Bathurst Station)

For tickets visit:

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