PIECE OF MINE presents LIVE: An Afternoon of Health & Wellness

Join PIECE OF MINE Arts for a rejuvenating gathering of health/self-care workshops led by professional wellness practitioners. Move, connect and learn about the benefits of yoga, essential oils, and colon hydrotherapy, followed by a fresh meal to close. 
The goal of this event is to provide an opportunity to reflect, increase awareness, grow and give back!

When: Saturday, 20 October 2018 from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Where: Jumblies Theatre | 132 Fort York Boulevard, Toronto, ON M5V 0E3

Schedule Details

// Yoga 101: How to use yoga to de-stress and to self-regulate a mindfulness-based practice. //

Facilitator: Amanda Nicholls is a graduate of the Theatre Performance Program from Humber College and is a Certified Yoga Instructor (RTY200, Holistic Bodyworx and has her Yoga for All certificate- Dianne Bondy). Amanda has completed her Education Internship at Soulpepper Theatre Company and has taken numerous training workshops with social services agencies such as Crisis Intervention, Conflict Resolution, and Anti Oppression training amongst others. Amanda’s main focus is to provide arts and yoga programming to youth in the G.T.A. Amanda worked as the program coordinator and facilitator of Humber College’s Jump Theatre Project (.JT.P.) summer camp. She also created and ran multiple Literacy through Drama programs at several social agencies such as LAMP, Women’s Habitat, Stonegate Community Health Centre etc. Amanda is the Managing Associate Director of Piece of Mine Arts and is proud to work for New Leaf Foundation a company that supports the mental, emotional and physical well – being of youth in marginalized communities, through yoga and mindfulness-based practices.

// Essential Oils: What all the fuss? How to use them? Where to get the good stuff? + DIY tutorial. //

Facilitator: Hi, I’m Liz Agudelo! Seems like a tricky name to pronounce, but it’s not so bad once you give it a try – sound it out like this “Aw-goo-day-low” and that’s as far as my phonetic skills go!

I have my diploma in Child and Youth Work and have a passion for working with families and mothers.
Essential oils have changed my family’s life and now I run my own business through Young Living. I’m looking forward to sharing my oily experiences with you.

// Colon hydrotherapy and Nutrition 101: Butt wait!? Colon is the second brain. You are what you eat. //

Facilitator: Ellimayah Walker has lived her life with the sole purpose of spreading a measure of truth to the world and being a voice to the voiceless. It was in her soulful pursuit for a greater spiritual enlightenment that she discovers the powerful miracles within, without and around us. She is currently a Colon Hydrotherapy Clinician who is on the verge to venture further into the art of naturopathy.

Games: Interactive activities, both solo and in groups, to reflect on self-care practices and encourage weekly practices for renewal.

Food: Chef Bryan Birch will be preparing a fresh lunch of colourful ingredients that recharge our energy, plus a little Caribbean influence for yummy flavour.