Korinn Annette Jefferies

the water
by Korinn Annette Jefferies
A Reading on February 6th @ 7:30 PM

‘the water’ is a story about the beach. it is the tale of white sand and Black bodies, of lineage, and community. it is summertime in the 1960’s and the water is the place to be— even if it means risking your life to be there. ‘the water’ explores the integration of public beaches in the 1960’s, and the relationship Black people have with water.

About the Playwright
Korinn is from Durham, North Carolina, priding herself on writing plays for and about Black people. Her works are about ‘being,’ exploring Blackness as something that can be heard, seen, or felt without saying a word. Her plays ‘dialogue between Black women’ and ‘Nigger!’ have been featured at Black Theatre Network Conferences in Memphis, TN and Winston-Salem, NC (respectively). Her play ‘Nigger!’ was also performed as a part of the 2019 National Black Theatre Festival. Korinn currently holds a BFA in Professional Theatre from North Carolina A&T State University and hopes to further her education in the near future.