Anyika Mark

Making Moves
by Anyika Mark
February 7th & 8th @ 7:30 PM

Making Moves delivers a day in the life of young, Black people in Toronto’s West-end. As they move through their day, it is impossible to ignore how political their social lives are, how they are all deeply connected, and that sometimes, there’s nothing more to do other than to keep making moves. Drawing inspiration from Trey Anthony’s Da Kink in My Hair and Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing, Making Moves stands as an embodied emotional response to the playwright’s lived experience as a young Black Canadian.

About the Playwright
Anyika recently completed Nightwood Theatre’s Write From the Hip emerging playwrights program and is in her 5th year at the University of Toronto- St. George, studying Political Science and Caribbean Studies. Being a creator has always been a large part of Anyika’s life from writing to acting and then behind-the-scene work. She primarily acts and works for student productions which then led to the desire to pursue the makings of her own show.